Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Create Secured And Encrypted Network

Cloud – Multi-Tenant Topology

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  • Secured IP Telephony over the Internet and WiFi
  • Secured Calls end-to-end over the cellular infrastructure
  • Avoiding MIM attacks including immunity against
  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX (no need for High-skill technical
    personal and CPE)
  • Secure calls (Audio and Video)
  • Secure IVR and voice mail
  • Secure Conference Bridge
  • Management System
  • Secured IP-PBX including Management tools
  • Hosted Architecture/SoftLayer
  • Servers
  • Media Encryption: AES with 256 bits encryption Key
  • SIP signalling Encryption: over TLS
  • Key exchange protocols: SDES and ZRTP
  • Security Controller
  • Signaling
    (SIP, SDP)
  • Media
  • (RTP, RTCP)
  • SRTP
  • IP Network
  • Fax Encryption: AES with 256 bits encryption Key (over G.711 Bypass mode)

Protected IP Telephony system

Enterprise A

Protected IP Telephony system

Enterprise B

  • Conference Call

-The user can dial to the conference room number (according the invitation)

-Enter a PIN code when prompted

  • Competitive advantages

Very low latency (1-3 ms for the media)

Preserve high MOS for SLA

Minimum Jitter for preserving QoS

  • Embedded recording module including CDR for the
    recorded calls
  • Intuitive , simple and friendly GUI
  • Standard compliant for interoperability with many SIP
    Clients and IP Phones
  • Sophisticated Script mechanism for manipulate/remove
    sensitive information including topology hiding
  • Provides NAT Traversal for all types of NAT (including
    Symmetric NAT)
  • Application-level white/Black list
  • Interoperability with well known brands such as Bria SIP Client and Deskphone
    such as Yealink
  • Remote management tool per each business customer to manage their own
  • Encrypted unified messaging and Interactive Voice Response are provided by
    available over the cloud
  • Key exchange ? The solution complies with SDES and ZRTP standards for key
    exchange method
  • The security module supports DPI for signaling integrity verification avoiding
    attacks via malicious programs such as ?Key Logger? sent as part of the SIP
    Message body
  • Responsiveness and Customer oriented company
  • Flexible solution and cost/effective comparing the big players
  • Simple and intuitive management GUI
  • Unique implementation Ensures media Quality preservation (minimum latency
    or Jitter Comparing to others)
  • Easy to use administration interface

Create, delete or modify an account

Create conference rooms, schedule conferences and invite

Create, delete or modify VM

  • Complete Call logs ? originator, terminator, call duration
  • Remote Configuration
  • Remote Software upgrade
  • Configuring large group of users
  • User Profile definitions
  • SIP Client Branding (optional)
  • Remotely Remove SIP Clients
    (Service Denial)