Power Sec

Secured and encrypt your PBX

  • Call recording
  • encrypting capability for secured traffic between cellular’s and the IP-PBX
  • Extending secured extensions to remote addresses and cellular
  • Protection against all VoIP attacks


The PowerSec is designed to deliver effective security for 21st century voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communication (UC) applications. While most organisations are planning or actively implementing VoIP and UC deployments, many are not fully aware of the security risks associated with those applications. While the same organisations would not consider implementing a network data application without adequate security measures, many VoIP and UC deployments are poorly protected. As a result many companies are victims to call fraud and to other attacks targeting unprotected vulnerabilities. Call fraud alone is estimated to cost $40 billion per year.

The reality is that VoIP and UC are both IP applications. The security threats faced by these applications are IP security threats and need to be handled as such. The picture is complicated by the fact that many vendors are attempting to adapt a set of products known as Session Border Controllers (SBC) to address VoIP and UC security requirements. SBCs were originally designed to meet a different requirement and are not the best solution for today’s VoIP and UC security needs.

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The security threats at the IP Network level include:

 Denial of Service attacks (DoS) and distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks.

 Flooding attacks

 Malformed packet attacks

 Port scanning and service enumeration attacks

Denial of Service attacks (Dos) and distributed DoS attacks.

o Flooding attacks

o Malformed message attacks

o Directory harvesting attacks

o Authentication attacks

o Call fraud attacks

o Protocol violation attacks

Media injection (replacing or disrupting voice or video streams)

o Media level denial of service attacks

o Call Hijacking attacks (taking over one leg of an established call)