The Cellular Cyber Threats Detection

Is Your Phone is Really Safe?

Information from the Cellular Handset is related to data stored or controlled directly from the handset and includes items as:

  • Contacts list
  • Recorded voice messages.
  • Text messages
  • Data calls
  • Local stored data such as SMS’s, WhatApp’s sessions, Skype chats, photos, VoIP contacts, etc.

The information above can be retrieved or stolen without your control!


MinDep – an advanced cutting edge tool that can scan the cellular device communications activities and detect unwanted or unauthorized transactions.

“Problematic” connection can be activated by Spyware, Trojan Horse or Hidden Application that sends independently your  information over the network to unknown  receiver.


MinDep Advantage

  • Scanning capabilities of all DATA. communication of the cellular device.
  • Small, carryon and portable tool.
  • Simplified and user-friendly GUI.
  • Domain and addresses management (White/Blacklist).
  • Up to 20 cellular devices scanning at once.
  • Complementary layer to SEGURO’s secured communication solution.